The Heart Of Pilates | Classes
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Pilates Matwork

Matwork classes are designed to strengthen and tone the whole body. The exercises are intended to increase physical strength, develop flexibility, and improve posture and muscular imbalances. The Pilates movements are performed with complete control from the core, focusing on the breath through the mind and body connection.
No Class is ever the same, our Instructors will challenge you by incorporating fun, dynamic exercises and energetic classes. With use of Pilates props, such as the balls, bands, weights, rollers and sliders, you will be sure to leave feeling as though you have had a great workout!

Level: Beginner – Advanced 

Matwork Beginner
Beginner Matwork

Beginner Matwork classes are for those who would like to learn the fundamentals and principles of Pilates, including the Pilates breathing technique, gaining better body awareness through connection of the mind and body, activation of your core and specific muscles and muscle groups.
These classes are designed to cater for all levels from Beginner to Advanced, through using props (such as weights, bands and balls), and increasing the intensity of the movement patterns by offering variations to regress and/or progress as required.

Beginner Pilates classes will develop physical strength and stamina, increase flexibility, improve muscular imbalances and posture. We teach you how to execute the exercises with control, concentration, flow and precision.

Level: Beginner – Advanced

Core Barre

Core Barre classes are a great way to incorporate your love for Matwork & Barre in one! They are also a great stepping stone to our Pilates Barre Classes.

These classes are fun, addictive and will make you sweat! With elements of Ballet, Pilates, Fitness and even Yoga; Core Barre exercises designed to target the core, arms, butt and thighs!

The workout that will keep you coming back for more..

Level: Beginner – Advanced

Barre Boxing

The ultimate fusion of Boxing, Barre and Matwork for fiery bursts of lower and higher intensities!  Barre Boxing is a fun, fast and challenging class that will boost your cardiovascular fitness, increase strength and tone your entire body!

Our interval style, triple threat workout, alternates between rounds of Boxing, Barre work and the floor targeting arms, legs and core!

Barre Boxing classes run for 45minutes.

Level: Beginner – Advanced

Barre Intermediate

Pilates Barre classes are a fun and energising full body sculpting workout, with choreographed moves set to upbeat music! Pilates Barre combines the beauty and grace of Pilates, the amazing strength and stamina of Ballet, PLUS the intensity of Aerobic Fitness.
The movements are aimed to strengthen and lengthen the body from top to bottom, with special attention on your thighs, butt and abs!

Level: Intermediate – Advanced 

Yin Yoga

A slow, deeply relaxing and restorative practice where postures are held for anywhere between 3-7 minutes. Yin invites you to get intimate with yourself, your feelings, your emotions and sensations. Feel good in the Mind and Body with a beautiful and powerful Yin Yoga experience.

Yoga brings an expansion in all fields of the human existence.

Level: Beginner – Advanced

Yoga General

Yoga is a holistic approach to the Mind, Body and Soul. Practising Yoga can assist in creating a harmonious internal relationship with your body.

Yoga has the power to create, change and bring balance to your body’s channels. This class is designed to suit all levels, and brings a beautiful blend of different Yoga techniques to a series of movements synchronised with the breath.

Level: Beginner – Advanced

Functional Fitness/HIIT

Level: Beginner – Advanced